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AR sport glasses that fit like traditional AR glasses, and are usable while docked.

Through my research on fitness apps with VR/AR headsets, I noticed that people don’t always want to wear headsets in the comfort of their home. Sometimes they just want to do the workout without wearing a device. The insight inspired me to design a product that encourages people to do the work out whether they want to have a more immersive experience or a quick exercise.


Concept Development

Industrial Design

CMF Design


Most AR glasses are not designed for sport. 
They are easily sweaty and slippery after exercising.




People don’t always want to put on the headset at home especially when they are working out.

while at home, users have the option of wearing the glasses or having them rest and charge, but can engage in their exercise routine either way.


Easy detach 

The headband is made out of stretchable fabric and velcro so it's easy to detach after used.

detach gif.gif

Use them right after

getting the invite

When your friend send an invite, you can just go the the TV and start playing without putting the glasses on


When designing the dock for the glasses, it was challenging to not make it look like a human face. After several trials, I realized that designing the nose shape would solve the problem. It was made wider and flatter with a metallic finish, it also turned out to feel more stable with the wider nose stand while putting the glasses on the dock. 


Avoid making the glasses dock look like a human face.


Mood board 

I used Miro board as my mood board throughout the whole design process. Started from identifying the user group and competitive analysis to product detail inspirations.

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 11.05.54 PM.png

Concept Sketches 


AR model fitting test 

I created AR prototypes to test on real person before making the physical model


I used magnets on the 3D printed model to fit the glasses with the dock, and asked friends to do the fitting test so it fits both women and men.

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